Levi Smith


Since I first began painting, more than forty years ago, I have been interested in the intersection between landscape and abstraction. My work has varied from observational painting to works drawing on memory, created in the studio.
The practice of observational painting immerses us in the intense complexities, impossibilities really, of adequately representing the visual field before us. One submits to the challenges of fidelity to what is seen.
But our experience of the landscape is not just, perhaps not even, primarily visual. We feel the landscape with all our senses. Landscapes (even the very idea of landscape) may be shaped, for us, as much by emotional valences as by the wind and weathers that pass over and through them and around us, and settle in us as memories, not so much of place, but of deep complex feeling.
Spring Snow
2009:Spring Snow
Stormy Day, View Toward the Lake
2009:Stormy Day, View Toward the...
View of the Hill Behind the House, Cedar Beach
2007:View of the Hill Behind the...
Autumn Forest, Late Light
2004:Autumn Forest, Late Light
Mountain Elegy
2005:Mountain Elegy
Late Autumn Forest
2005:Late Autumn Forest
Winter Woods
2005:Winter Woods
Ironwood, edge of the woods, Snow
2005:Ironwood, edge of the...
Forest Interior with Pink
2002:Forest Interior with Pink
Falling Leaves, Late Autumn
2001:Falling Leaves, Late Autumn
Gauguin's Forest
2002:Gauguin's Forest
Landscape, Mexico
2000:Landscape, Mexico
Near Acaca Falls
2000:Near Acaca Falls
Summer Woods #1
2000:Summer Woods #1
Swimming Past Betsy's
2000:Swimming Past Betsy's
View thru Woods to Clearing
2000:View thru Woods to Clearing
Winter Woods, View to a Far Hill
2001:Winter Woods, View to a Far...
Woods, Midsummer
2001:Woods, Midsummer
Woods, Rain
2000:Woods, Rain
By the Lake
1995:By the Lake
Night Sky with CLoud Like an Animal
1995:Night Sky with CLoud Like...
Red Landscape
1995:Red Landscape
The Vision
1995:The Vision
View of Montserrat
View:View of Montserrat