Levi Smith


I have long been interested in the challenges of painting from direct observation. I find that doing so sharpens my sense of color and my sense of composition. I am fascinated by the ongoing creative tension between the shifting perceptions and effects of the scene and the evolving compositional needs of the painting. My aim is to become as free and inventive in front of nature as I am in my studio.
North Beach, October, 2010
Nort:North Beach, October, 2010
View from the Big Window, October, 2010
:View from the Big Window,...
2009:OxBow: Ridge Trail, View Looking East
OxBo:2009:OxBow: Ridge Trail,...
2009: OxBow, Top of the Ridge looking West
OxBo:2009: OxBow, Top of the...
OxBow: In the Woods, View Across a Swale
OxBo:OxBow: In the Woods, View...
OxBow: The Lake from the Crow's Nest, Afternoon
OxBo:OxBow: The Lake from the...
OxBow, The Crow's Nest, Morning Mist
OxBo:OxBow, The Crow's Nest,...
Hot Day by the River, Oxbow
2007:Hot Day by the River, Oxbow
Bright Day, The Crow's Nest, Oxbow
2007:Bright Day, The Crow's...
The Last Hot Day, The Crow's Nest Oxbow
2007:The Last Hot Day, The...
Top of the Ridge, Oxbow
2007:Top of the Ridge, Oxbow
Looking South from the Crow's Nest, OxBow
2007:Looking South from the...
After Rain, Cedar Beach
2007:After Rain, Cedar Beach
Cedar Beach, Early Morning, No Wind
2006:Cedar Beach, Early Morning,...
Indian Summer, Oak Park
2007:Indian Summer, Oak Park
McArthur Park, Summer
2007:McArthur Park, Summer
Burnham  Park, Early Spring, Mist
2005:Burnham Park, Early...
First Hot Day, Burnham Park, North View
2005:First Hot Day, Burnham...
Burnham Park, Cold Day
2005:Burnham Park, Cold Day
Burnham Park, Changing Weather
2005:Burnham Park, Changing Weather
Burnham Park, Cool Day
2005:Burnham Park, Cool Day
Dandelions and Pine, Burnham Park, Early Spring
2004:Dandelions and Pine,...